APAI was not successful in achieving Leave to Appeal.

Windlectric/Algonquin, the company granted approval to blanket Amherst island with 26, fifty storey turbines, has completed dock construction on Amherst Island and commenced dock construction on the mainland. Loyalist Township pproved the draft Operations Plan required by the Roads Use Agreement.     Contrary to commitments made at the ERT over 20 km of Island roads are being “reconstructed” with huge safety concerns.

The desecration of Amherst Island is unimaginable.  What Algonquin Power (AQN-T) and Windlectric Inc. say and what they do are vastly different.  No meaningful response to non-compliance is provided.

Call to Action
Please request Premier Wynne (premier@ontario.ca or 416-325-1941) and Minister Ballard (minister.moecc@ontario.ca or 416-314-6790) to cancel the project without penalty because of the company’s inability to achieve its Commercial Operations Date and because it’s absolutely the right thing to do.

We are being bullied AND we are resilient, tenacious, and absolutely committed.

Wind power big part of hidden hydro costs, says community group on Amherst Island —

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October 19, 2017

The planned wind power projects on Amherst Island and in neighboring Prince Edward County are among the costs that will raise Ontario electricity customers’ bills in the years to come, costs that are being hidden by the Ontario government, says APAI (Association to Protect Amherst Island).  

These wind projects must be factored into the hidden costs that will raise Ontario electricity customers’ bills in the years to come, costs that are being hidden by the Ontario government. According to Parker Gallant, “The Minister (of Energy) has an opportunity to save ratepayers $1 billion dollars in future rate increases by simply canceling the Amherst Island Windlectric project and the Prince Edward County White Pines project, to name two.  He should take it[1].”  

 “If the Ontario government is genuine about cutting costs for consumers, easing energy poverty, and ensuring that Ontario’s future generations are not burdened by an additional $4 billion in interest charges over the next 30 years, a good place to start is to cancel contracts for wind projects that are still not up-and-running” says APAI President Michèle Le Lay.

“There is no need for wind projects to be built on Amherst Island or in Prince Edward County as Ontario’s power needs are already taken care of well into the future.  Apart from the economics, the turbines are sited in scenic pastoral settings better known for bird-watching, sheep farming, cultural heritage, and tourism” adds Le Lay. 

Ontario’s Auditor General lashed out at the Wynne government Tuesday, saying the Fair Hydro Plan was actually covering up debt and costs, and that the government was not using accepted accounting standards.

Email APAI < protectai@kos.net > or 613-634-4460  Website: www.protectamherstisland.ca


[1] Parker Gallant, Amherst Island: perfect example of why wind power can be a bad choice, January 29 2017