Windlectric Inc. a subsidiary of Algonquin Power and Liberty Utilities blanketed Amherst Island with 26 fifty storey turbines. The desecration  is unimaginable.    Call to Action: Please request Premier Ford ( to cancel the project  because it’s absolutely the right thing to do.

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Project Snowstorm on Amherst Island

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APAI commends Project Snowstorm for its ongoing research and the exciting placement of transmitters on two Snowy Owls on Amherst Island last week. Thanks to the Project Snowstorm team lead by Dr. Jean-Francoisl Therrien, Senior Research Biologist,Hawk Mountain Sanctuary for outstanding work in icy cold conditions, to Kurt Hennige of the Kingston Field Naturalists for liaising with the team, to Janet Scott for her gracious hospitality, to Bonnie LIvingstone and Janet for scouting owl locations, to Jean Iron of the Ontario Field Ornithologists for connecting everyone, and to the many Islanders who cheered and supported the team.

Let’s hope “our” Snowies survive the turbines.

Return to Amherst – Scott Weidensaul, 

Project SNOWstorm blog

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100 Nature Hotspots – Amherst Island

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Biologist Chris Earley on CBC’s Fresh Air talks to host Mary Ito about 100 NATURE HOTSPOTS IN ONTARIO. That is the name of the guide he wrote with co-author Tracy Read to get you to the province’s best parks, regions and nature zones. Chris, who is also an education co-ordinator at the Arboretum at the U of Guelph, joined host to talk about the book. Listen here

Amherst Island is featured as Canada’s Winter Owl Capital at minute 7:21 because of the predominance of Snowy Owls and up to eleven owl species as well as wintering raptors including Rough-Legged Hawks, Bald Eagles, and Northern Harriers.

Chris Earley

Chris Earley 100 Nature Hotspots in Ontario

The Wrong Place for Turbines

Nature Canada, Ontario Nature, the American Bird Conservancy, and Kingston Field Naturalists in an unprecedented partnershi...

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