Divisional Court dismissed APAI's appeal of the Environmental Review Tribunal decision on Tuesday January 31, 2017. Counsel for APAI has submitted Leave to Appeal.

Windlectric/Algonquin, the company granted approval to blanket Amherst island with 26, fifty storey turbines, has commenced dock construction on Amherst Island. The Company has not submitted a Marine Safety and Logistics Plan required by MOECC nor has it submitted an Operations Plan acceptable to Loyalist Township. No acceptable Emergency Response and Communications Plan is in place. No Roads Use Agreement with the County of Lennox and Addington has been approved.

In its first weeks of work the company blatantly disregarded commitments to only use the Island ferry for dock construction, to not disrupt the ferry schedule, to give notice of traffic disruptions and to consult with Amherst Island Public School staff and parents concerning road safety by the school. Not a good beginning!

Construction also ignores a Road Use Agreement between the Township and Windlectric signed in October 2015. The Agreement stipulates that “Windlectric will host a Town Hall meeting to obtain feedback from the public and address concerns to minimize the level of disruption, disturbance and inconvenience to the Municipality’s residents.”

Call to Action

Please request Premier Wynne (premier@ontario.ca or 416-325-1941) and Minister Murray (minister.moecc@ontario.ca or 416-314-6790) to cancel the project without penalty because of the company's inability to achieve its Commercial Operations Date and because it's absolutely the right thing to do.

We are being bullied AND we are resilient, tenacious, and absolutely committed.

Loyalist Township Finds Operations Plan Lacks Requisite Detail

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Loyalist Township in a letter dated January 20, 2017 to Algonquin Power advises that Operations Plan submitted on December 23, 2017 lacks the requisite detail to enable a “through review of the Plan as it relates to the public interest namely minimizing impacts to its residents, protection an maintenance of municipal infrastructure, preservation of Amherst Island heritage and and to ensure continued and effective emergency services during construction”.

The CAO’s letter concludes ” Loyalist Township believes that a clear and comprehensive Operations Plan will be of great benefit to all parties, during the implementation stage of this project. Accordingly, we formally request a detailed written response to the matters raised herein, by no later than February 28,2017″.

You can read the full ...

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Construction starts on wind energy project on Amherst Island despite incomplete approvals, residents say

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Elliot Ferguson, Postmedia News | January 19, 2017 1:57 PM ET
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Michele Le Lay, president of the Association to Protect Amherst Island, says initial work on a wind energy project on the island is premature. Elliot Ferguson / The Whig-Standard / Postmedia Network

The opening stages of construction of the Amherst Island wind energy project are underway, much to the dismay of the residents who opposed the development.

Workers are building footings for a new dock and a marshalling area on the island west of Kingston, Ontario.

Michele Le Lay, president of the Association to Protect Amherst Island, said the start of construction has come before all of the required permits have been secured and before efforts to stop the project have finished.

“It’s worrisome because they d...

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Great Amherst Island Yard Sale – Save the Date

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When Saturday, May 27, 2017 from 8:00am – 3:00pm. 
Where  Everywhere on the Island.  Maps provided.
Fundraising You are encouraged to donate 50% of proceeds to APAI.  100% would be awesome but whatever you can contribute would be great!  Our goal is BIG!
Rain date    The Yard Sale goes rain or shine.
What Collect your ‘classy clutter’, furniture you no longer need, boats that still float, vehicles that still go, books, CDs, DVDs, tools, a pie or two, jams 
Support APAI will promote, identify sites with markers, print maps and provide you some ideas and tips
Register Signup in early spring. Share a site with your neighbour. 
Volunteer We’d love some help. Contact protectai@kos.net
Community Tell your friends and family...
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Wind Energy Projects Lacked Power in 2016

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By Elliot Ferguson, Kingston Whig-Standard
Monday, January 2, 2017 2:15:21 EST PM

With the exception of the Amherst Island project, there was little happy news for Kingston-area wind energy proposals in 2016.

Given conditional approval in 2015, Algonquin Power’s subsidiary Windlectric cleared one of the last major roadblocks to its Amherst Island wind project.

After one of the largest Environmental Review Tribunal hearings ever, one that included 25 days of hearings in Stella, Bath and Toronto and testimony from more than 40 witnesses, an appeal to the project’s approval was dismissed in August.

The Association to Protect Amherst Island’s (APAI) had appeal the project’s conditional approval on grounds that construction of the turbines would cause serious harm to human and wildlife hea...

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Welcome Back Baltimore – Project Snowstorm Update

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December 30, 2016 by Scott Weidensaul

Baltimore in February 2015, newly tagged and about to be released on the Maryland coast. (©Chris Hudson)

We’ve tagged more than 40 snowy owls in the past three years, and every one of them has given us insights and surprises. Like parents with a large family, we try not to have favorites.

But it’s fair to say that in our eyes, Baltimore is first among equals. We initially banded him as a juvenile in his first winter (and ours), in 2013-14, when he was caught at a small state airport near Baltimore, Maryland. Too small for the transmitters we were then using, he was banded and released in western Maryland, away from the hazards of an airfield.

The next winter he was back, though, at the same airport...

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Opponents question wind energy liaison group

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By Elliot Ferguson, Kingston Whig-Standard
Tuesday, December 6, 2016 6:13:41 EST PM

STELLA — The group fighting a wind energy project on Amherst Island is objecting to how the company building it is communicating with the public.

Algonquin Power’s subsidiary Windlectric is holding the first Community Liaison Committee meeting Wednesday night on the island.

The creation of the committee was among the conditions the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) put on the company when it gave conditional approval to the project in August 2015.

The committee is to meet on a monthly basis during construction of the 26-turbine, 75-megawatt project, and at least two of its meetings each year will be open to observation by the public.

Among the committee’s roles will be to revie...

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Retired prof slams handling of wind project

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The Ontario government’s handling of the Amherst Island wind energy project is “a calamity of governance and environmental policy,” says retired Queen’s University professor John Schram.

The Ontario government’s handling of the Amherst Island wind energy project is “a calamity of governance and environmental policy,” says retired Queen’s University professor John Schram.

By Elliot Ferguson, Kingston Whig-Standard
Wednesday, November 2, 2016 4:26:23 EDT PM

The Ontario government’s handling of the Amherst Island wind energy project is “a calamity of governance and environmental policy,” says a Queen’s University academic.

In a letter to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, retired professor John Schram, a senior fellow at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs and the Queen’s Centre for International and Defence Policy and an Amherst Island resident, compared the policy decisions that led to the Ontario government’s approval of the project to how gove...

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Wind project construction set to begin

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Premier Wynne and APAI President Michèle Le Lay

Premier Wynne and APAI President Michèle Le Lay

By Elliot Ferguson, Kingston Whig-Standard
Wednesday, November 2, 2016 4:21:06 EDT PM

Construction of the Amherst Island wind energy project is to begin in the middle of this month.

Ariel Bautista, a senior project manager with Algonquin Power, owner of Windlectric Inc., notified the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change on Monday that “construction is scheduled to start around Nov. 15, 2016, pending final permitting associated with the work.”

The initial work could include construction of the mainland dock and access road, island dock and access road, island staging area access road, transmission line work and a portion of the island staging area for aggregate storage and positioning of the batch cement factory.

The work is to be t...

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Windlectric/Algonquin, the company that was granted approval by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) to build 26, fifty storey turbines, has informed the MOECC Kingston Regional Director that it plans to commence construction activities around November 15, 2016.

This Notice comes a week after Mr. Robert Maddocks, Loyalist Township’s CAO, informed the company that Loyalist Township could not comment on the Operations Plan submitted by Windlectric because of its inadequacy. Mr. Maddocks wrote that “If a public meeting were held on the basis of this document, we fully expect that the residents would be left with more questions than answers, defeating the purpose of the public meeting.” In its letter, the Township requested a meeting with the company to explain the defi...

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Amherst Island, a calamity of governance and environmental policy

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Dear Premier Wynne

Through 48 years of development and policy work – eleven of them as Canadian ambassador to several Africa countries, and the last eleven as adjunct professor at Carleton and Queen’s – I have been convinced that the world faces an environmental crisis. The last thing I could imagine myself doing was, and is, to speak out against Green Energy.
Instead, I was at the forefront of those sent abroad by Canada to encourage democracy, human rights, the rule of law, transparency in business and government – and protection of the environment.

Now I am at home, teaching what I have learned to graduate students, and living on Amherst Island near Kingston...

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