Windlectric Inc. a subsidiary of Algonquin Power and Liberty Utilities blanketed Amherst Island with 26 fifty storey turbines. The desecration  is unimaginable.    Call to Action: Please request Premier Ford ( to cancel the project  because it’s absolutely the right thing to do.

Dock location causing friction on Amherst Island

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Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
CKWS Newswatch February 06, 2017 05:48 pm

This open field on Lake Ontario faces Amherst Island – it’s the perfect spot for bird watchers and dog walkers to come spend time on a nice day.

But that could soon change – and there’s not a whole lot Loyalist Township can do about it.

Ric Bresee: “Loyalist Township needs to be more involved in the approvals and the requirements before such projects go forward. But this is just another example of how the Municipality has absolutely no options.”

The land is actually owned by Invista – which has an industrial park across the Highway.

As of now it’s zoned as parkland, but it’s looking to have the ‘Certificate of Property Use’ changed temporarily in order for Algonquin Power and its subsidiary Windlectric to build a dock to transport items to Amherst Island for its 26-turbine wind farm.

Ric Bresee: “It’s a private exchange and the developer of the wind turbine project is looking to use this as a dock. All of which is controlled by the Ministry of the Environment and climate control.”

Denise Wolfe:“It doesn’t make sense to be building a 26-turbine project when the government has already stated some time in December that we have over 10 years of electricity available to us.”

The Association to Protect Amherst Island has been opposed to the project from the very beginning.

They say this latest dispute is just another example that the project was approved before the company even knew how to complete it.

Time is running out for the public to have a say on the issue.

The deadline to provide feedback to the Ministry of the Environment is March 2nd, but still the Association to Protect Amherst Island remain optimistic the land won’t be rezoned.

Denise Wolfe: “We are going to exhaust all of our options. Legal options, as well as ministerial appeals. So yes, we remain optimistic.”

The Association to Protect Amherst Island has filed appeals on the project with both the Provincial and Federal Ministries of Environment – due to the potential risks it poses to migratory birds.

Please tell MOECC to deny approval of EBR 012-9749. Write to, and copy Thank you