Windlectric Inc. a subsidiary of Algonquin Power and Liberty Utilities blanketed Amherst Island with 26 fifty storey turbines. The desecration  is unimaginable.    Call to Action: Please request Premier Ford ( to cancel the project  because it’s absolutely the right thing to do.

Action – Top Ten Reasons to Reject the Windlectric Proposal

Want to help? Please write to the Ministry of the Environment by March 8, 2014 to express your opposition to the proposed wind turbine project on Amherst Island.

Please send your comments to with EBR 012-0774 in the subject line. Please copy, and

The Top Ten Reasons to Oppose Wind Turbines on Amherst Island

1. Located on the Atlantic migratory flyway, Amherst Island is a globally recognized important bird area and is internationally acknowledged for its concentration of wintering hawks and owls. Four turbines are proposed in proximity to owl woods. Cumulative impact of industrial wind turbine complexes on Wolfe Island, Prince Edward County and Amherst Island on birds and bats has not been considered. 34 species are at risk on the island. Habitat will be fragmented and lost.

2. Ontario setbacks of 550 m are among the lowest in the world and were developed when turbines were much shorter. Setbacks of at least 2 km are rapidly becoming a prudent standard to minimize health impacts. Many of the proposed turbines will exceed Ministry of the Environment noise guidelines. Flicker exceeds international standards for 48 homes and would not be allowed in Europe. Hydrology (water, shore wells) has not been studied. Health Canada is conducting a “health impacts and exposure to wind turbine noise” study with results due in 2014. The future health of Ontarians deserves at least a one year delay to understand the health impacts. Decommissioning of turbines will be a nightmare for future generations as there is no authorized disposal site for turbine parts with their many toxic chemicals.

3. A heritage community with many stone fences, very narrow forty-foot carriageways and historic buildings will be destroyed. Island roads are not to Ontario standards, not designed for heavy equipment, and not suitable for 11,000 truckloads of cement and transport of huge towers, blades, and cranes.

4. Our island has unique challenges for emergency services with a volunteer fire department and ferry operations from only 6 am to 1 am. Our few roads make detours impossible in some instances and impractical in others.

5. Turbine height of 154.5 metres matches the TD Centre Royal Trust Tower – imagine 36 TD Centres on one small island ALL BEING CONSTRUCTED AT ONCE.

6. Windlectric, the applicant, is a private shell company with only 2 directors, no track record, no public accountability and no history. The company could be sold or dissolved in secret.

7. According to the Ontario auditor general Ontario Power authority is buying power from wind turbines at exorbitant rates which Ontario taxpayers will pay for 20 years. Ontarians are outraged at another 5% increase in power costs effective May 1, 2013. This is further substantiated by The Fraser Institute: Ontario’s Green Energy Act Causing Energy Prices to Soar; Plan Now 10 Times Costlier Than Alternative That Would Have Yielded the Same Environmental Benefits.

8. Our only school’s playground and gym are less than 550 m from a proposed turbine and less than 1 km from a cement plant, a high voltage substation and major truck route. Many countries have setbacks from 2 to 5 km.

9. The democratic process has been negated. A small number of landowners, Windlectric, and MOE are dictating the future of our community. Our Township council has no decision-making authority as a result of the Green Energy Act.

10. It’s just the right thing to do! Premier Kathleen Wynne advised that communities that were not “willing hosts” would be moved to the bottom of the list. The 2013 speech from the throne reinforced that the Wynne government intends to ensure that” “municipalities have input on the location of energy infrastructure in their communities while continuing to protect the environment and encourage conservation”. The recent announcement by MNR Minister Chiarelli about changes to the process only applies to projects “going forward”.

Amherst Island is NOT a Willing Host!