The Little Island That Could!

On August 3, 2016 The ERT Panel composed Mr. Robert Wright and Mr. Justin Duncan denied the appeal of APAI and confirmed the decision of the Director of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change to approve turbines on Amherst Island. APAI held its annual general meeting on August 7 2016 to craft a game plan for the future.

APAI's appeal of Justice Sachs' decision to quash APAI's request for Judicial Review will be heard on October 18, 2016.

The Little Island That Could continues to be determined that its rich cultural and natural heritage will be preserved for future generations.

“We tell the world that turbines are not ‘a done deal’ on Amherst Island. We are resolute to continue to challenge every aspect of Windlectric’s ill-conceived proposal. The campaign affirms our commitment to convey to every decision maker that as Margaret Atwood said so well ‘Amherst Island is the wrong place, the very wrong place for wind turbines’ said Peter Large, Past-President.

Premier Kathleen Wynne and APAI President Michèle Le Lay

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Michèle Le Lay, President APAI, had a few moments with Premier Kathleen Wynne at Kingston’s Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Wednesday October 12. APAI’s relentless communication has the Premier’s attention as she is very aware of Amherst Island and our various appeals.

Marc Raymond, APAI Board Member, also had an opportunity to ask one of only two questions from the audience at the luncheon and of course Marc asked about cancellation of the AI project. Janet Grace tabled her questions with the Premier’s Senior Policy Advisor. The AI triumvirate was truly a force.

Please keep communicating about the cement plant adjacent to the school, the opportunity to save $500 million over twenty years by cancelling the AI project, the impact on North America’s Owl Capital and the high risk to public ...

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Amherst Island Residents Want Renewable Energy Development Rethink

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Amherst Island residents worried wind turbine cement plant to be built near school

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Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
CKWS Newswatch
September 22, 2016 03:57 pm

It’s a heated topic on Amherst Island, the wind turbines. But, this time the concern has shifted.

Residents are worried about a cement batch plant said to be a base for the project, that they allege will be built very close to the Amherst Island Public School.

Beth Forester has lived on Amherst Island most of her life, along with 6 generations of her family.

She went to this school, as a student and teacher… and now her grandchildren go there.

“As far as I know it’s as close as those fence posts over there.”

Forester’s referring to a cement plant that will provide the materials needed for wind turbine footings – that residents say is being built near the school.

Beth Forester, concerned Amherst Island r...

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Globe and Mail – Landbirds see large decline

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On August 10,  The Association to Protect Amherst Island requested a federal environmental assessment of the cumulative impact of wind turbine projects at the eastern end of Lake Ontario an the Atlantic migratory flyway and to ensure compliance with the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Click here to read

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School and Cement Plant- A Bad Mix

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Take a minute to watch this powerful video:

The Green Energy Act allows the wind industry to trump every provincial regulation and municipal by-law designed to protect children. A cement plant near the Amherst Island Elementary School was approved by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change as ” equipment necessary for the Project”, the construction of 26 wind turbines on Amherst Island. No alternative location was required, no mitigation measure deemed necessary...

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Delegation to Loyalist Township Council – September 12, 2016

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Your Worship, Members of Council,
Thank you for the opportunity to address Council.

The ERT decision while disappointing also created an opportunity to appeal directly to the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change on matters other than law. Section 20 of the Environmental Protection Act enables the Minister to revoke the Director’s decision to allow turbines on Amherst Island. Council’s Agenda tonight includes APAI’s Appeal to the Minister as an information item but, I would respectfully request that Council adopt a motion to support our appeal and, I will briefly explain why.

APAI’s Appeal provides the Minister with an opportunity to consider the many risks of a turbine project on Amherst Island that were not addressed in the ‘tick box’ process required by regulation 359/09...

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Premier calls Ontario hydro rates an ‘urgent issue’ for her government

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Please tell Premier Wynne ( and Minister of Energy Glen Thibeault ( to begin addressing energy poverty in Ontario by hitting the “easy” button.  The Ontario Government can save $500 million over 20 years by directing the IESO to cancel the FIT contract for Windlectric’s turbine project on Amherst Island. This can be done without penalty because Windlecteric cannot comply with its contractual obligations. The IESO cancelled the Big Thunder project in Bill Mauro’s riding for this reason.

Amherst island is the canary in the coal mine. Across the channel in Lake Ontario, the Lennox Generating Station with 2000 MW sits idle most of the time soon to be joined by the neighbouring Napanee Gas Plant with another 900 MW...

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Association to Protect Amherst Island Appeals to Minister Murray MOECC

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No Turbine Sign-2

APAI appeals to the Honourable Glen Murray, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change to exercise his authority under section 20 of the Environmental Protection Act to revoke Windlectric’s Renewable Energy Approval to construct turbines on Amherst Island.

APAI’s compelling brief has three parts:

The first poses four scenarios for Minister Murray to ponder concerning political risk, his legacy, and the opportunity to move from the “End of Reason” so well described by Rick Conroy to rational decision-making to protect an imperilled community and save over $500 million in the process.

The second identifies errors in the ERT decision.

The third talks about the public interest and the risk to the community...

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APAI President Michèle Le Lay has called on Dr. Tim O’Neill, Chair, and Members of the Board of the Independent Electricity Operator of Ontario to cancel a contract with Windlectric Inc. due to the inability of the company to achieve its Commercial Operation Date and comply with its contractual obligations.

In its 2016 Q2 Quarterly Report Algonquin now advises that construction is expected to take 12 to 18 months and that the Commercial Operation Date (COD) will be in 2018. This timeline is contrary to what was submitted to the Environmental Review Tribunal and to the Ontario Energy Board. A COD of 2018 is seven years from the date of award of the contract.

Cancellation of the contract at this time would enable the IESO to achieve cost avoidance exceeding $500 million over the next 20 y...

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Study calls for 18-km turbine setback

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By John Miner, The London Free Press
Monday, August 15, 2016 8:53:28 EDT PM

It’s a standard that would eliminate almost all of Ontario’s current wind farms and the ones recently approved.

In the wake of the release of a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service migratory bird study, the American Bird Conservancy is calling for an 18-kilometre buffer around the Great Lakes for wind farms.

“It is highly problematic to build anywhere near the Great Lakes,” Michael Hutchins, director of the American Bird Conservancy’s bird-smart wind energy program, said Monday. “These losses are just not sustainable.”

Using radar designed to detect birds and bats, the Fish and Wildlife Service monitored four sites along the south shore of Lake Ontario in 2013. The results were released last month.


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